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Want to know how to submit yourself into data mining & acquisition with my best practice digital marketing methods and much more? This blog is made for you. 

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Who Am I?

I’m just another digital marketeer who make sure each of my project is done right with epic performances across ALL channels.

Zen Tran

Senior Digital & Technology, Icon Visual

  • SEO – Full stack 90% 90%
  • Google Ads 95% 95%
  • Google 360 70% 70%
  • Analytics, Datastudio & GTM 94% 94%
  • Social (FB, Insta, Linkedin,…) 89% 89%
  • CRM – Hubspot 78% 78%
  • General Coding (HTML, CSS, SQL…) 40% 40%
  • API (Supermetrics, Sheets, Excel) 71% 71%

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